GuardKnox offers automotive manufacturers a comprehensive cyber security hardware solutions, which fit the automotive value chain and alleviates the difficulties of integrating a software solution. It is a proven technology geared specifically for the automotive eco-system.

Our unique Lockdown Methodology, developed by the GuardKnox team, has been successfully deployed for use in Israel’s Iron Dome and Arrow III missile defense systems, as well as the Israeli F-35 fighter jet.

About us

GuardKnox’s team brings over two decades of experience in providing cyber security hardware solutions to Israeli Air Force systems. The team shares the core values of the Israeli Air Force and is committed to building a leading global provider of automotive cyber solutions.


Moshe Shlisel


Mr. Shlisel is a 24 year veteran of the IAF. He served as Deputy Commander of Special Operations and oversaw the development and application of highly complex products deployed in various strategic systems. These included primary responsibility for the design, development and implementation of hardware based security solutions protecting against cyber threats. He held various executive positions within TADIRAN Communication and Elbit Systems, served as General Manager of medical ERP startup ExactCost, CEO of audience measurement startup TruMedia and COO of satellite communication company SatixFy. Mr. Shlisel holds a B.Sc. in electro-optics from the Technicon and a MA in Economic Policy (Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University.

Dionis Teshler


Mr. Teshler served in the Israeli Air Force as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), responsible for the design and implementation of cyber security on the Iron Dome and Arrow III missile defense systems. Following that, he served as Project Manager and CISO for the Israeli F-35 fighter jet program. He also held the positions of and Algorithms Engineer for image processing startup Transchip and VP R&D of audience measurement startup Trumedia. He holds a B.Sc in Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University, a M.Sc in Computer Science (thesis in Computational Neuroscience, Cum Laude) and a Global MBA with a focus on Global Strategy from the Inter-Disciplinary Center of Herzeliya.

Yossi Adler


Mr. Adler is 30 year veteran of Israel Defense Forces and served in the rank of Colonel as commander of its elite 9900 unit that specializes in satellites, geo-information ,visual sensors and a deciphering. He led an organization of over 1500 people with a large R&D center and cyber security unit under his supervision. he managed large development and procurement programs, within a complex and multidisciplinary unit while serving as a senior member of Military Intelligence Directorate of the IDF. He holds B.A in Economics from the Hebrew University and M.A in Public Policy (Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University.

Idan Nadav

Chief Engineer

Mr. Nadav served in the Israeli Air Force as Chief Engineer and Lead Developer of cyber solutions hardware for Iron Dome, Arrow III and the Israeli F-35 fighter jet for the past decade. He holds a B.Sc in Software Engineering.

Unique Solution

Cyber Security Hardware

GuardKnox Secure Network Orchstrator (SNO) is a highly secure centralized ECU which provides high assurance defense for vehicle networks. Our patent pending technology serves as a centralized cyber security platform within the vehicle, providing security services to all ECUs in the vehicle. This leads to consolidation, lower complexity, easier certification and overall cost reduction. GuardKnox local ECU protection (Local SNO), provides an easy to integrate (drop-in) cyber security hardware solution, specifically designed for Infotainment, Telematics and other ECU’s with external communication, preventing the car from being hacked remotely and thus providing a security in depth approach.

Certified Safe and Secure

GuardKnox’s hardware solution is the only one which is completely autonomous, doesn’t require any external connectivity nor any updates, and can defend against any type of known or unknown cyber-attacks. It adheres to the most stringent security (ISO 15408) and safety (ISO 26262) standards. As a complete ECU, it integrates seamlessly into the vehicle, into the value chain and vehicle production process. By design, it is completely transparent to all other ECUs and doesn’t require any architectural modification, significantly lowering integration costs.

Fits Automotive Value Chain

There are approximately 100,000,000 vehicles manufactured annually and many more which are already on the road without cyber protection. GuardKnox’s architecture supports all automotive protocols, thus making it suitable for all vehicles, new and already on the road. GuardKnox’s unique value proposition brings to automotive manufacturers a solution that can be used in existing vehicles as a drop in replacement, allowing them to add robust security in a cost effective manner.

Key Competitive Advantages

  • Lockdown Methodology (Patent Pending) – agnostic to attack – protection against unknown threats
  • Self contained ECU – transparent to all other ECUs – Seamless integration
  • Complying with safety standards (ISO 26262) and cyber security standards (ISO 15408)
  • Standalone operation – no need for updates or configuration
  • Hardware solution - no software integration required into 3rd party ECUs
  • Secure black box design – physically tamper-proof
  • Simply fits into the automotive value chain

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