We’re working with the greatest brands in Automotive.

Prototype: Vehicle Customization in Real Time

Porsche demonstrates Secure Network Orchestrator™ as the foundation for “real time customization” of a vehicle.

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Prototype: Wireless Interactive Accessories

Daimler demonstrates wireless interactive accessories with GuardKnox’s highly secure and flexible Bluetooth-to-CAN gateway.

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Real Time Fleet Cyber-Health

DXC, world leader in fleet management, demonstrates Real-time monitoring of fleet cyber-health with GuardKnox’s Secure Network Orchestrator™.

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Communications Lockdown™

Automotive cyber security needs to meet the highest level of security, safety, and performance. GuardKnox’s solutions are based on aviation defense methodology. GuardKnox’s team is composed of veterans of the Israeli Air Force Cyber Security R&D force, and their unique expertise makes them top experts in security for cars.

Automotive Cybersecurity Essentials

Agnostic to attack

Protection against known AND unknown threats

Self-contained ECU

Transparent to all other ECUs, seamless integration

Industry standards compliant

Complies with safety standards ISO 26262 and cyber security standards ISO 15408

Standalone operation

No need for constant updates or communication

Hardware solution

Black box design, tamper-proof

Customize vehicle functionality

Securely and easily. Serves as a platform with ability to install applications based on the SNO™ security, processing and storage resources.


The GuardKnox SNO™ can be deployed in all types of vehicles. From traditional passenger vehicle, to the truck, to the school bus and everything in between. The SNO™ also introduces a platform that can host added value services to existing vehicles with minimal impact on integration and the manufacturing process.


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Automotive Security Education

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