Internal SNO™

Domain Controller

Body Control Module

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External SNO™

In-Vehicle Infotainment

Telematics Domain Controller

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EV Charging Gateway

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Customized Software Core

Hardware Architecture

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Flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for the automotive industry

GuardKnox’s Secure Network Orchestrator™ (SNO) is an ECU that offers comprehensive vehicle cyber security to protect against any type of known and unknown cyberattack. Using GuardKnox’s patented three-tier Communication Lockdown™ Methodology, the SNO™ solution is completely autonomous and does not require any external connectivity or on-going updates.


We Speak Both Languages:Hardware and Software

Designed for scalability and flexibility, the GuardKnox SNO™ solution adheres to the most stringent security and safety standards, including ISO 26262 and ISO 15118. It can be implemented by OEMs, Tier 1s and the aftermarket as an ECU with a full software stack or as software-only solution.

The Guardknox SNO™ adheres to the most stringent security (ISO 15408) and safety (ISO 26262) standards.

SNO™ Family of Solutions

Internal SNO™ External SNO™ EV SNO™ Software-only SNO™


High-Performance Gateway Domain Controller

Single ECU Protection

EV Charging ECU Protection

Per Customer Spec

Security Coverage

Internal Network (Total Vehicle)

External Network (Cellular Internet)

V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) Network

Per Customer Spec



Infotainment, Telematics, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Electric Vehicle Charging

Per Customer Spec

SOA Support





GDPR Compliant





No. Ports






Dual ARMv7 Cortex-A9 32-bit microprocessor w/ built-in FPGA


Quad ARMv8 Cortex-A53 64-bit microprocessor with built-in

Dual ARMv7 Lockstep Cortex-R5 realtime safety microcontroller and built-in FPGA

ARMv7 Cortex-M4 32-bit microcontroller

ARMv7 Cortex-M4 32-bit microcontroller


Cortex-A9 32-bit microprocessor FPGA



OEM / Tier 1


OEM / Tier 1

OEM, Tier 1 or Aftermarket



The GuardKnox Internal SNO™ solution serves as a total in-vehicle cybersecurity platform, providing centralized protection to all ECUs in the vehicle and serving as a foundation for future personalization of the vehicle. The Internal SNO™ fits seamlessly into the automotive value chain, installed during production or through collaboration with existing Tier 1 suppliers.

Built around a multi-core CPU and an FPGA module, the GuardKnox SNO cybersecurity solution has a flexible configuration in which additional bus interfaces, interface types, or additional types of encryption can be activated by the OEM without changing the footprint of the SNO or the BOM of the vehicle.

The Internal SNO™ has a patented Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) design that overcomes the complexity of today’s vehicle networks by functioning as a consolidated high-performance gateway that supports connected and autonomous vehicles with reusable code components, standardized protocols for interoperability and scalable hardware services.


Internal SNO™ Use Cases

Gateway Domain Controller: incorporates a high-performance application processor coupled with a powerful realtime safety-critical micro-controller. High speed communication is supported using Ethernet (1G, 100Mbps including switching and routing) and real-time communication with CAN-FD, FlexRay and LIN. 

Body Domain Controller / Advanced Body Control Module (BCM): the central hub for all body functionalities and user inputs that affect the vehicle’s interior. The BCM enables application hosting for advanced user experience. This solution may also act as localized gateway due to its connectivity nature and and ability to support large amounts of realtime CAN-FD and LIN interfaces as well as high speed Ethernet connectivity.

Read more in the Internal SNOTMdatsheet.



The GuardKnox External SNO™ solution can be connected to any single ECU and is ideally suited for providing cybersecurity for telematics, infotainment, OBD, OTA software updates and other ECUs that are connected to the 3G, 4G or 5G Cellular Internet. The External SNO™ solution also assists in data monetization, enabling safe connectivity to automotive app-stores, aftermarket customization and connected vehicle data protection.

The External SNO™ includes GuardKnox’s patented Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) design that overcomes the complexity of today’s vehicle networks by functioning as a consolidated domain controller that supports connected vehicles with reusable code components, standardized protocols for interoperability and scalable hardware services.


External SNO™ Use Cases

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Cockpit Domain Controller: control various user interactive displays and HMI devices for passenger experience, vehicle information, and functionality. Optimized to support graphical processing, AI and multiple user experience driven operating systems running together including Android and Linux.  The Domain Controller supports multiple interactive displays including head unit and instrument cluster while featuring strong hardware and software level separation between vehicle and infotainment domain using the GuardKnox patented Communicational Lockdown Methodology.

Telematics / Connectivity Domain Controller: gateway to external communication by wireless and wired interfaces. The solution features strong separation between vehicle and external domains using the GuardKnox patented Communication Lockdown Methodology. The external connectivity allows for advanced features such as OTA updates, smartphone applications, in-vehicle entertainment, smart city services, OEM app stores and more. Ideal for telematics, fleet level protection, fleet management systems and insurance providers, the Telematics Domain Controller can easily be installed during production or seamlessly retrofitted in the aftermarket as a simple plug in.

Read more in the External SNOTM datasheet.



The GuardKnox EV SNO™ solution is designed for protecting electric vehicles (EVs) from the threats posed by vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communications over private and public charging systems. Unlike reactive intrusion detection/intrusion protection systems (IDS/IPS), GuardKnox’s deterministic cybersecurity approach offers autonomous, real-time protection from current and future threats without the need for software updates.

Examining all communication between the EV and the EVSE charging station at the network, protocol and content levels, the EV SNO™ solution ensures that only relevant data is exchanged with the appropriate parties on the EV charging network (e.g., credit card data with an eMSP). Inappropriate requests or messages from the EVSE to the drivetrain or vehicle safety systems are rejected and are not passed to the electric vehicle’s internal network.


EV SNO™ Use Cases

EV Charging Gateway: provides a secure endpoint for high-performance data processing and storage while also supporting secure cloud communication, data analytics, and AI. The comprehensive solution enables compliance with not only safety and security standards but also EV specific protocols – ISO 15118 and DIN SPEC. The solution supports flexible application management and services.

Read more in the EV SNOTM Datasheet.



The Built-to-Spec SNO™ solution offers a completely customizable cybersecurity solution for OEMs, Tier 1s or the Aftermarket. Provided as only software or with customer-specified hardware, this fully customizable solution can be designed to provide cybersecurity for the entire in-vehicle network, a single ECU connected to the Cellular Internet, or to an EV charging network.

Using GuardKnox’s patented three-tier, Communication Lockdown™ Methodology, the Built-to-Spec version is also completely autonomous and does not require any external connectivity or on-going updates.


Built-to-Spec Software Core: custom built GuardKnox software core integrated into existing hardware architecture, supporting authentication and encryption of all communications. This solution secures data storage and processing and is both flexible and scalable — enabling added services, applications, and complete vehicle personalization.

Patented Hardware Architecture: working closely with customers to provide the most optimal solution by examining vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors to design customized architecture. Based on the needs and functionalities required, the inherent flexbility and scalability of GuardKnox’s Built-to-Spec solution enables GuardKnox to not only license out  the patented hardware architecture but integrate into any existing business model.

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Security is the foundation for the ‘Service-Oriented Vehicle’

The GuardKnox SNO™ family is a secured platform. It serves as the foundation for secure hosting of additional capabilities and services, which can change dynamically in real-time. In this manner, we can create the secure service-oriented vehicle centered on applications. The SNO™ serves as an in-vehicle endpoint for the automotive industry “app-store” and as the hosting platform for a variety of applications.