Secure Network Orchestrator™ (SNO)

GuardKnox’s Secure Network Orchestrator™, or SNO, offers the automotive market a comprehensive vehicle cyber security solution which protects against any type of known and unknown cyber attack.

The GuardKnox solution is a complete product, full software stack and hardware architecture, providing holistic automotive cyber security solutions. It easily fits the automotive tiered value chain.

The SNO™ family is currently comprised of 2 product lines:


The Central SNO™

Locks down all inter-network communication


The Local SNO™

Locks down and secures a single ECU, designed to protect ECUs with external connectivity

The Guardknox SNO™ adheres to the most stringent security (ISO 15408) and safety (ISO 26262) standards.


Vehicle Cybersecurity Protection - Central SNO™

GuardKnox’s central SNO™ serves as a vehicle cybersecurity platform, not only providing centralized protection to all ECUs in the vehicle, but also providing a foundation for future personalization of the vehicle. The SNO™ fits seamlessly into the automotive value chain without the need for any third party integration.


Ease of SNO™ Integration:

  1. During Production: The Central SNO™ functions as the central communication gateway ECU. It is installed during production.
  2. Integrate with Tier 1s: The GuardKnox architecture is integrated through collaboration with existing Tier 1 suppliers.
  3. Software Stack: GuardKnox provides software stack and security core to be integrated into existing hardware architecture.

The Central SNO™ is designed with a patent-pending architectural design which leads to consolidation, lower complexity, easier certification and overall cost reduction of the vehicle electronics. GuardKnox’s automotive cyber security solution is completely autonomous, does not require any external connectivity, constant communication, cloud connectivity, or any on-going updates. In addition, it eliminates the need for human intervention in the security mitigation process. It can defend against any kind of known or unknown cyber-attacks.


Protecting a Single Wireless Interface- Local ECU Protection

GuardKnox’s local SNO™ can be connected to any single ECU. This solution is ideal for telematics, infotainment, OBD and other externally connected ECU’s. In addition to cyber security, the local solution assists in data monetization, aftermarket customization and connected vehicle data protection.

SNO™ Integration:

  1. During Production: The SNO™ is integrated during production of the ECU.
  2. Integrate with Tier 1s: The SNO™ is installed as an extension between the ECU and the rest of the vehicle. This is a simple add-on during production or it is retro-fitted.
  3. Software Stack: GuardKnox provides software stack and security core to be integrated into existing hardware architecture.

Security is the foundation for the ‘Service-Oriented Vehicle’

The GuardKnox SNO™ family is a secured platform. It serves as the foundation for secure hosting of additional capabilities and services, which can change dynamically in real-time. In this manner, we can create the secure service-oriented vehicle centered on applications. The SNO™ serves as an in-vehicle endpoint for the automotive industry “app-store”. It serves as the hosting platform for a variety of applications.

Examples of such applications:

  • Upgrades to a specific ECU for a specified time period (e.g. suspension, transmission, various aspects of traction etc.)
  • Securely connect wireless after-market accessories to the vehicle. Revolutionizing interactions with the vehicle throughout its life cycle.
  • Secured and expanded use cases for telematics and securing against ransomware attacks

This unique in-vehicle platform therefore empowers new revenue generation for the OEM.