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Working at Guardknox

GuardKnox is the automotive industry’s first Cybertech Tier supplier empowering OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and the aftermarket to deliver the next generation of software-defined and service-oriented vehicles.

GuardKnox’s flexible and scalable solutions enable added connectivity, zonal E/E architecture, hosted applications, high-speed routing (including network recovery and service discovery functionalities), vehicle personalization, and security.

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  • Israel 3 job opportunities

    • R&D :

      • Senior Firmware Engineer (Middleware) :


        An integral part of GuardKnox product development is the realtime software team. This team is responsible for the core software stack which powers GuardKnox embedded solutions. The realtime embedded software engineer will be responsible for high-reliability real-time software development activities on all layers, starting from bare metal and up to the application.

        Responsibilities Include:

        • High-reliability real-time software development
        • Development on a bare-metal microcontroller or on top of an RTOS
        • Development of hard real-time applications
        • RTOS integration
        • Driver and firmware development
        • Development in conformance to safety and cybersecurity standard


        • Hands on experience with embedded systems– A must
        • Assembly code and firmware know-how (e.g. BSP, drivers) – A must
        • Hands on experience with low level or bare metal programming – A must
        • Familiarity with RISC architecture – A must
        • Experience with system design – A must
        • Knowledge in operating systems and concepts – A must
        • Experience in kernel space programming - A must
        • Experience in real-time application development - A must
        • Bachelors’ degree in: Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science OR proven experience – A must
        • Knowledge in networking – TCP/IP, CAN and automotive interfaces – preferred
        • Cyber security background - preferred
        • Knowledge in virtualization - preferred
        • Experience with ARM development – preferred
        • Experience with safety critical systems - preferred
        • Experience with automotive applications – preferred
        • Relevant military background- preferred

        Location: Ramla, IL

      • Senior FPGA and hardware Engineer :


        An integral part of GuardKnox product development in the hardware development team.

        This team is responsible for the core hardware and logic design which powers GuardKnox embedded solutions. The FPGA and hardware development engineer will the responsible for high reliably real-time FPGA logic development activities and hardware design, including design of low-level drivers and conversion from code to logic.

        Responsibilities Include:

        ·      High reliably FPGA logic development

        ·      Design of system architecture and data flow on a SOC with processors and FPGA logic

        ·      Development of bare metal drivers

        ·      The transition of functionality from software to FPGA logic

        ·      Hardware component selection and basic board design (including power and analog)

        ·      Development in conformance to safety and cybersecurity standard


        ·      Bachelors’ degree in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science – A must

        ·      Hands-on experience with embedded systems– A must

        ·      Hands-on experience with FPGA development – A must

        ·      Low level and bare-metal programming – A must

        ·      Familiarity with Xilinx architecture – A must

        ·      Experience with hard realtime application development – preferred

        ·      Experience with board design – preferred

        ·      Experience with safety-critical systems – preferred

        ·      Experience with automotive systems – preferred

        Location: Ramla, IL

      • Senior Systems Engineer :


        We are seeking a Senior Systems Engineer to join our multidisciplinary R&D team. As a Senior Systems Engineer at GuardKnox you will be a technical lead in the design and development of GuardKnox’s products. This role will dive into several aspects of GuardKnox’s development processes including but not limited to: defining product requirements, system integration, troubleshooting, design analysis, and design documentation.

        As a Senior Systems Engineer, you will have a responsibility to define overall product and solution architecture to comply with customer requirements, establish, support and maintain detailed project plans, define risks and recommend contingency plans in collaboration with the project manager, R&D Team Managers, and cross-functional team members.

        Responsibilities Include:

        • Serve as the lead Systems Engineer of a cross-functional project team consisting of hardware, software, manufacturing, and quality engineers to achieve program deliverable.
        • Developing and documenting solution architecture
        • Developing and documenting system requirements and interfaces
        • Developing, documenting and executing system verification to show compliance
        • Integrate software and hardware subsystems
        • Follow a structured data-driven approach to solve problems
        • Contribute to the completion of project milestones


        • Bachelors’ degree in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science
        • Systems engineering experience in a multidisciplinary project team environment – Min 8 years.
        • Proven experience in architecture and concept design from high-level customer requirements.
        • Experience in decomposing into detailed product specifications from high-level customer requirements.
        • Experience in working with project managers to build a work plan according to product specifications.
        • Experience with both product & process development and transitioning products from R&D into Manufacturing.
        • Proven track record of technical leadership of a project from Inception to Release.
        • Initiative and follow-through in executing project responsibilities, overcoming obstacles, and balancing multiple priorities effectively.
        • Experience and capability working collaboratively under a Quality Management System (QMS), as part of a cross-functional team that includes development, verification/validation, manufacturing, and marketing.

        Location: Ramla, IL