Secure Fleet Intelligence
with DXC Technology

Certified cyber security coupled with AI and big data collection from
connected vehicles protects fleets and optimizes management,
maintenance, and efficiency


Cyber-Secure Fleet Management

Provides fleet owners, managers and OEMs with a certified security for vehicles coupled with a precise view of the cybersecurity status of their entire fleet. GuardKnox’s patented Communication Lockdown™ technology protects connected fleet vehicles from cyber threats. Transmitting data to the DXC Security Operations Center (SOC) enables real-time monitoring and in depth analysis of security-related events. SOC analysts are presented with well defined, targeted and actionable intelligence enabling them to ascertain which vehicles were under attack along with the purpose and method of the attack.

Fleet Health, Usage Monitoring and Optimization takes advantage of GuardKnox’s secure on-board storage of vehicle performance and operational data. Real-time data is securely transmitted from each vehicle to DXC Technology’s Advanced Analytics data center.

Real-time Health Scores

DXC’s advanced AI analytics engine rapidly dives into the data to calculate real-time health scores that reveal the current health of each vehicle’s systems.

Vehicle Health Forecast

Based on real-time data, DXC assigns the probability of failure for each monitored component to predict its remaining useful life, achieving optimized maintenance at minimized fleet downtime and expense.

Usage-Based Insurance and Risk Assessment

Collection of real-time performance statistics enables fleet managers and insurance companies to determine actual usage parameters per driver, per vehicle, and across the fleet.


  • Patented Communication LockdownTM technology provides deterministic in- vehicle cyber and data security
  • Solution complies with GDPR requirements regarding Personally Identifying Information
  • AI and big-data analytics employs real-time vehicle performance data to deliver up- to-the-minute, optimized fleet- maintenance forecasts
  • TCO for fleet maintenance is reduced to a minimum based on actual performance statistics and accurate health forecasts
  • Accurate vehicle-usage performance indicators enable usage-based insurance models and driver profiles

Insightful Data Analytics

Every day, connected vehicles store and transmit a large and growing volume of valuable information that can provide dramatic insights into the behavior of vehicle components across the entire fleet. The connected vehicle captures data from engine performance statistics to infotainment preferences, from travel routes to road-side alerts.

  • Edge Intelligence – GuardKnox technology includes an in-vehicle platform to improve performance of AI and big data processing within the vehicle instead of sending everything to the cloud. This improves performance, security while decreasing data traffic.
  • Fleet Logistics – DXC Technology offers a complete portfolio of analytics and AI capabilities that capitalize on the wealth of new data, providing unique insights into the behavior of connected fleets. DXC’s solution analyzes fleet data to generate actionable insights that drive down maintenance frequency, time and expense.

Endless Opportunities

Connected fleets are still in their infancy. DXC’s advanced AI and business intelligence in its Analytics Platform enable fleet operators to exploit data generated in vehicles to take advantage of data monetization and other new opportunities.

Beyond the Road Vehicle

Whether on the road, in the air or at sea, all connected vehicles are subject to cyberattacks. GuardKnox protects any type of vehicle or complex IOT device – trains, ships, drones – wherever they are deployed. Secure data storage and communications enable connection and data transmission to the DXC SOC and Analytics Platform anywhere, anytime.

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