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Palo Alto Networks© and GuardKnox have teamed up to provide an end-to-end cybersecurity solution for the modern connected vehicle. By using Palo Alto Networks’© expertise in network and cloud security and worldwide infrastructure with GuardKnox’s expertise in automotive security and innovative technology, OEM vendors can secure the over-the-air (OTA) communication between the vehicle, the cloud, and their operational centers.

The joint solution is an enabler for a variety of new services that depend on secured transmission of information between service providers or operational centers and the vehicles.


The modern vehicle features 100-150 ECUs that communicate with one another via numerous protocols and networks, creating a large vulnerability surface for malicious hacking attempts. Vehicle hacking can lead to very expensive recalls as well as product liability claims or even class-action suits. A vehicle over-the-air (OTA) software update brings another attack surface when there is direct external communication directly with a variety of ECUs. Robust, end-to-end security for external communications is absolutely imperative for protecting against OTA hacking as well as against regular on-going communication over the Internet that can endanger both the security of the vehicle and the physical safety of passengers.

Use cases


Secure External Communications

By integrating Palo Alto Networks©' state-of-the-art firewall and cloud-based networks, the joint-solution supports both mutual authentication and the highest levels of encryption from the OEM’s network to the vehicle.


Internal Vehicle Communications

The GuardKnox Platform parses all messages entering the vehicle’s network & permits only authorized communication, examining the routing, content, & contextual layers and locking all message fields to prevent unauthorized manipulation.


  • Secure highly vulnerable OTA software updates for all vehicles deployed worldwide
  • Leverage Palo Alto’s managed cloud-based network for easy creation and deployment of consistent security policies across your entire fleet
  • Focus on vehicle deployment, software updates, and analytics rather than the reliability, scalability, or availability of the communications network
  • Prevent cyber-attacks in real-time with zero false positives using the deterministic and patented Communication Lockdown™
  • Accurate vehicle-usage performance indicators enable usage-based insurance models and driver profiles

About Palo Alto Networks©

Palo Alto is the global cybersecurity leader known for always challenging the security status quo. Its mission is to protect our way of life in the digital age by successfully preventing cyberattacks. This has given it the privilege of safely enabling tens of thousands of organizations and their customers. The company’s pioneering Security Operating Platform emboldens their digital transformation with continuous innovation that seizes the latest breakthroughs in security, automation, and analytics. By delivering a true platform and empowering a growing ecosystem of change‐makers, Palo Alto provides highly effective and innovative cybersecurity across clouds, networks, mobile devices, and connected vehicles.

Find out more at www.paloaltonetworks.com

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By using Palo Alto Networks’© expertise in network and cloud security and worldwide infrastructure with GuardKnox’s expertise in automotive security and innovative technology.

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