GuardKnox and Lattice have partnered to provide a cost-effective and low-power solution for the automotive market that implements CommEngine™’s AUTOSAR PDU Routing capabilities in Lattice’s leading FPGA product suite. Lattice is a leading automotive FPGA manufacturer committed to providing on-chip security and flexible development tools for cost-effective programmable devices. The partnership brings the flexibility of GuardKnox’s CommEngine™, a highly-integrated communication engine, together with the power of Lattice FPGA solutions. 


Vehicles are transitioning to the next generation of E/E architecture, such as Zonal Architecture, characterized by fewer, but more powerful, ECUs that leverage a high-speed, multi-gigabit backbone interface that require secure communication to properly operate the vehicle. 

As messages in a Zonal Architecture must go through several ‘hops’ to arrive at their destination, vehicles require the minimum possible latency for communication routing to maintain safety and security, especially for mission-critical applications such as ADAS, break-by-wire, etc.  

GuardKnox’s CommEngine™ provides ultra-low latency communication capabilities even in complex scenarios and with high-bandwidth interfaces. 

Use cases


Sub-Zonal CommEngine™

Localized aggregation of low-bandwidth interfaces into a single high-bandwidth Ethernet, such as in a sub-zonal door module.


Zonal CommEngine™

Routing between low-speed and high-speed interfaces; additional computation cores MCU/CPU/GPU can be added according to application needs.


CommEngine™ as part of HPC Connectivity

CommEngine™ can be integrated into High Powered Computes to interconnect high-bandwidth backbone, sensors, and gateways.


  • Full communication routing between standard automotive interfaces  
  • Ultra-low latency, Layer 5 AUTOSAR PDU routing  
  • Embedded L3/L2 Ethernet switch 
  • TSN Support, including time synchronization between zones 
  • Communication firewalling and deep packet inspection 
  • ISO26262 – Functional Safety, ASIL-D ready design 
  • Designed according to ISO21434 – Cyber Security Engineering 
  • WP29 Compliant– Supporting Intrusion Detection System (IDS) as a security sensor 
  • 10Gb bandwidth 
  • Flexible design supporting many interfaces 
  • Flexible and configurable via routing tables 
  • Technology-independent IP Core for FPGA, ASIC, and SoC devices 


Lattice Semiconductor is the leader in low-power FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) solutions, addressing customer needs from the Edge to the Cloud and across the entire network. Lattice specializes in solutions for the communications, computing, industrial, automotive, and consumer markets.

Lattice’s technology, long-standing relationships, and commitment to world-class support enable customers to quickly and easily unleash their innovation to create a bright, secure, and connected world. Lattice is committed to growing its footprint in the automotive industry and is known as a leader in the automotive value chain. 

Lattice was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon with significant operations in San Jose, California; Shanghai, China; and Manila, Philippines. 

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