GuardKnox’s Zero Defects Culture

Today’s customers demand that companies deliver high quality and reliable products at competitive prices.

The conservative automotive industry produces great challenges in how to maintain a high level of quality across product lines in an unstable and rapidly changing market.

GuardKnox steps up to the challenge by defining that quality is a key business value provider and a critical success factor – Risk-based planning, factual-based decision making, delivering on quality, on time and continuous improvement serve as the basis for GuardKnox’s zero-defects culture.

Standards & Certifications

GuardKnox QMS is ISO9001: 2015 certified

ISO9001:2015 – Set of fundamental requirements for the design & implementation of holistic quality management systems in organizations. It serves as a pre-requisite for eligibility to be part of the automotive industry supply chain.

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Automotive SPICE

The customized derivative of ISO15504 (Information Technology – Process Assessment) for the automotive industry. Enables a risk-based assessment of the development process of automotive systems & software.


The new UN regulation lays out the baseline processes and systems to manage and deal with security concerns. It also formalizes the responsibilities, which is primarily of the OEM, and evidence to be submitted for compliance.

Functional Safety

The customized derivative of IEC61508 (Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems) for the automotive industry. Provides an automotive-specific risk-based approach for addressing possible hazards caused by the malfunctioning behavior of electronic and electrical systems in vehicles.

Cyber Security

Road vehicles – Cybersecurity engineering” is customized for the automotive industry. Provides an automotive-specific risk-based approach for addressing and preventing possible hazards caused by cyber-attacks on vehicles.
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Saying “GuardKnox” = Saying “Quality”

Holistic Quality Management System (QMS)

Holistic & complete quality management system, executed by our team, across our processes and products

Quality-Guided Development and New Product Introduction (NPI)

Integrated and quality gated (APQP) development & new product introduction processes to ensure zero-defect production

Supplier Quality Management (SQM)

Implementing stringent supplier quality management including supplier development, sourcing, auditing, qualification and monitoring to ensure reliable supply chain

Standards, Customer Focus & Continuous Improvement

Following global quality standards, incl. GREEN initiatives, to ensure customer satisfaction, products & process interoperability & continuous improvement

Defects Culture

Defects Culture

Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Core Processes and Procedures
  • CAPA and Audit System
  • Risk-based and Effectiveness Assessments
  • Supporters of GREEN initiatives (RoHS, REACH, etc.)

Supplier Quality Management (SQM)

Supplier Quality Management (SQM)
  • Working with Best-In-Class Suppliers
  • Supplier Metrics, Auditing & Continuous Monitoring
  • Supplier Development
  • Quality-Controlled & Stabilized Process to ensure high yield, repeatability and capacity

Quality-Supportive Infrastructure & Information Systems

Quality-Supportive Infrastructure & Information Systems
  • ALM – Development Management (Req, Test Cases, Safety, ASPICE)
  • PLM – NPI Management
  • ERP – Financial & Production Management
  • Jira – Tasks, Bugs/Defects & Lessons Learned Management

Planning (APQP)

Planning (APQP)
  • Advanced Quality Planning & Risk Mitigation
  • FMEA throughout the Product Life Cycle
  • Implementing DFx Techniques from Component Level → System Level
  • Using Advanced CAD Tools

Life-Cycle Control & Metrics

Life-Cycle Control & Metrics
  • KPI-Gated Reviews in the Design, NPI & Production Phases
  • Cost of Poor Quality
  • MSA, SPC & Process validation
  • Across-the-Board Traceability

Customer Focus & Continuous Improvement

Customer Focus & Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Quarterly Management Review (QMR)
  • CRM System, Webpage & Service Portal
  • Lessons Learned Management System


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