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GuardKnox at CES 2019 – Vegas

Join GuardKnox at CES 2019, January 8-11, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

01 Jan

Live Interview Panel: IoT Cyber Attacks and Proactive Security

01 Jan

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Dass die Guten gewinnen, wird nicht passieren

Um autonome Fahrsysteme zu schützen, setzen deutsche Autobauer auf israelisches Know-how.

Patented Services Oriented Architecture Provides Foundation for Secure Services and Customization of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

GuardKnox's patented SOA and Communication Lockdown methodology enable a multi-platform and multi-service approach.

Motorists Are Wrapping Car Key Fobs In Foil For An Important Reason

Why you might want to wrap your car key fob in foil

¿Por qué recomiendan envolver las llaves del coche en papel de aluminio?

Is Your Smart Key Fob Hackable? Facts and Fallacies


NextLeap Leverages Wisdom of the ‚Experienced‘ Crowd

GuardKnox erhält Innovationspreis 2018 für Cybersecurity

Israelische Cybersecurity-Lösung ausgezeichnet

Frost & Sullivan zeichnet GuardKnox mit Innovationspreis 2018 für zukunftsweisende Cybersicherheit im Automotive-Sektor aus

Press Release: GuardKnox Earns Accolade at Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Excellence in Best Practices Award Banquet

GuardKnox's Methodology offers next-level in-vehicle cybersecurity.

Vehicle cybersecurity solutions should come from the defense sector, says GuardKnox CEO

Learn why our CEO, Moshe Shlisel, holds that automotive cybersecurity must be based on a different model than what the IT sector can provide.

GuardKnox Honored by Frost & Sullivan for Innovative Approach to Automotive Cybersecurity and Customization

Learn more about GuardKnox’s revolutionary approach in the Frost & Sullivan recap of the award banquet.

Why You Might Want to Wrap Your Car Fob in Foil

We've discussed how to keep your keys safe at night, now learn what an ex-FBI agent advises in order to protect your car during the day.

GuardKnox CEO Interviewed About Pressing Automotive Challenges in the Industry

VPNMentor interviewed our CEO, Moshe Shlisel, about some of the biggest chall

GuardKnox presenting at the 10th Stuttgart Security Congress

GuardKnox will be presenting their patented automotive cyber security solutions at the 10th Stuttgart Security Congress on July 18th.

Press Release: GuardKnox And Daimler Collaborate In Prototype Project To Integrate Wireless Interactive Accessories Into Vehicles

Automotive cybersecurity company to provide hardware and software solutions for Mercedes-Benz accessories.

Are Self-Driving Cars A Smart City Hacker’s Dream?

Read Homeland Magazine's interview with GuardKnox CEO, Moshe Shlisel, on how connected vehicles could open up future smart cities to potential cyberse

Autonomous Construction Vehicles Are Building the Future

GuardKnox's CEO is interviewed by Communications ACM in how GuardKnox secures connected construction equipment.

Connectivity Has to Start with Security

Cybersecurity should be seen as the essential foundation blocks for building increased layers of connectivity in cars.

Ex-Sheriff’s Gun Stolen from Locked Vehicle

Skip to 1:18 to see ABC Channel 7's interview with Moshe Shlisel over his recommendation to prevent key fab car break ins.

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GuardKnox CEO Applies Military Experience to Stop Car Hacking

Moshe Shlisel, CEO of GuardKnox Cyber Technologies, wants to make your car as safe as a fighter jet.

GuardKnox Featured in State of Startup/Corporate Collaboration Report

GuardKnox is featured in Imaginatik and Mass Challenges 2016 research report: ‘State of Startup/Corporate.'

GuardKnox Listed As One of Top 10 Israeli Techs That Are Transforming Lives Worldwide

GuardKnox Reaches Final Round of IAF Startup Competition

GuardKnox was one of the finalists in the prestigious Israeli Air Force (IAF) alumni Startup competition.

GuardKnox Receives US Patent for Lockdown Methodology

GuardKnox announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a US Patent for GuardKnox's Lockdown Methodology.

How to Defend Your Car Data While At Home

GuardKnox's CEO was interviewed by the Detroit Free Press where he explained how cyber security experts protect their car data when at home.

Innonation.io Chooses Guardknox for Featured Israeli Science and Technology Information Article

Chinese periodical, Innonation, covered GuardKnox as one of its featured Science and Technology Information companies to watch out for.

Israel Air Force Alumni Turned Entrepreneurs: GuardKnox

Israeli tech web magazine, pc.co.il, features GuardKnox as a company founded by by ex-IAF commanders to be watched.

Israeli co GuardKnox Protects Cars from Hackers

After years of technological warfare in the air force, GuardKnox's founders want to safeguard cars against cyber break-ins.