GuardKnox works hard to address the complex security concerns and vulnerabilities in the automotive landscape around the world.

No great vehicle was created alone. The same is true for automotive cyber security.

We have formed partnerships with leading companies that share our vision in protecting the physical safety of drivers and passengers as well as the security of personal information in the age of the connected vehicle.


GuardKnox and Palo Alto Networks partnership and joint-solution creates an end-to-end cybersecurity solution. As the number of connected vehicles increase, the amount of ECUs that connect to the internet means that vehicles more vulnerable to network hacking attacks such as remote access, data manipulation, leaked PII, or even full remote vehicle control than ever before.

The GuardKnox and Palo Alto Networks solution enables secure communication with the strongest level of encryption for completely secure communication for OEMs, fleet management systems, telematics providers, insurance providers, emergency services, and more.

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GuardKnox and DXC Technology bring a cyber-Secure Fleet Management solution which provides fleet owners, managers and OEMs certified security for vehicles coupled with a precise view of the cybersecurity status of their entire fleet. By integrating GuardKnox into the DXC Security Operations Center (SOC), fleet owners and other stakeholders are enabled with real-time monitoring and in depth analysis of security-related events.

SOC analysts are presented with well defined, targeted and actionable intelligence enabling them to ascertain which vehicles were under attack along with the purpose and method of the attack based on real and actionable performance statistics.

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Thanks to the continuous support of our investors, we have been able to work hand-in-hand to bring the GuardKnox dream to reality. Our investor relationship, for both private and corporate investors, has given us the foundation for long-term growth and stability. We’re thrilled to have them along for the ride.

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